May 01 2017

Application received

September 26 2017

Open house

February 09 2017

Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee

October 02 2017

Urban Design Panel

At the Urban Design Panel meeting on October 2, the Panel reviewed the proposal and suggested resubmission. The applicant has responded by putting the rezoning application on hold while studying their design options. A revised application was received September 5, 2019.

September 05 2019

Revised application recieved

September 12 2019

Chinatown Historic Area Planning Committee

October 30 2019

Open house

December 11 2019

Urban Design Panel

This application was reviewed by the Urban Design Panel with the outcome of support with recommendations. Please see the Urban Design Panel page for meeting minutes and agendas.

January 19 2021

Referred to Public Hearing

February 09 2021

Public Hearing