Engagement at the City of Vancouver

Civic engagement is based on the idea that people have the right to participate in decision-making processes that affect them on the individual or community level. The City engages with the public to address issues of common importance, to solve shared problems, and to bring about positive social change. 

Engagement provides opportunities for the people who live and work in the City of Vancouver to learn about City projects, to contribute feedback, to inform decision making, and to be informed about how their input was used to develop solutions and the outcomes of projects.

What is Shape Your City?

Shape Your City is an online platform for Vancouver residents to share ideas and feedback with the City. It increases ways that people can get involved by offering more online engagement opportunities, making it easier for you to find out about initiatives at the City and share your voice and experience on issues that matter to you. 

On this site you can learn about upcoming public engagement opportunities, provide feedback and participate in conversations on projects that are currently open, check the progress of ongoing and past projects and find out what we heard from participants and learn what final decisions were made on projects that had public involvement.

We encourage you to get involved, provide your input, and stay connected to all projects that interest you.

Questions? Please read the frequently asked questions, or email ShapeYourCity@vancouver.ca.