What is this project's history?

    The Hastings-Sunrise (Adanac Overpass) community has had previous communications and engagements with the City about managing local traffic. A recent history of engagement in the area is as follows:

    • 2017 - Staff hosted a listen and learn session with local residents on traffic calming in the neighbourhood. 
    • 2018 - Staff temporarily closed the Adanac Overpass to mitigate traffic impacts on the neighbourhood from the FortisBC work on East 1st Avenue, and communicated changes via a notification letter.
    • 2019 - Adanac Overpass reopens. Staff began analysing the vehicle volume and speed data collected during the closure and began forming a new program to address traffic concerns in the neighbourhood.
    • 2020/2021 - COVID-19 delayed the planned engagement with the neighbourhood. The Adanac Overpass area was determined to be a pilot neighbourhood for the Neighbourhood Traffic Management Program.
    • 2022 - A project team was formed and staff analysed historical and new data to support launch of engagement in March 2023.