What will the station block street redesign achieve?

    The station area street redesign work will: 

    • Coordinate the placement of ventilation grilles and other critical subway infrastructure along the curb to provide accessible public space and enhance public realm
    • Better accommodate the large number of people accessing the transit stations
    • Minimize impacts on existing buildings and entrances
    • Improve access to businesses during and after construction. 

    Why is the City doing this work?

    As part of the Broadway Subway construction, the station blocks need to be redesigned to accommodate subway infrastructure, including ventilation grilles and emergency exits. The City will be sharing the station block street design plans to the Province and Broadway Subway project team by the end of July to help advance the work on the subway construction. 

    The redesign work will also support the concept of Broadway as a Great Street, a guiding principle of the Broadway Plan, to improve public access and the walking/rolling experience for those using the Broadway corridor and subway. 

    Who is the City seeking input from on this work? How will my feedback be incorporated?

    Staff will seek input from local businesses, stakeholders and nearby area residents for the Broadway Subway Station Area Street Design. Information will be sent out and a survey available May 18-June 15, 2021 to gather feedback.

    Feedback we receive from area businesses and stakeholders will help develop a street design that meets the goals of the redesign work to accommodate the subway infrastructure and ensure good access and flow.