Why are you designing a new park at Main & 7th?

    VanPlay, a plan to guide parks and recreation in Vancouver over the next 25 years, notes that Mount Pleasant will see an increase in population over the coming decades and more park space is required to support this growth. Along with new residents, working centres in Mount Pleasant’s industrial area creates a need for more park space to socialize and relax.

    Will there be a dog park?

    In 2017, the Park Board released the People, Parks and Dogs Strategy document that assesses how we can improve Dog Off-Leash Areas (DOLA) across Vancouver, in response to growing demand.

    The document notes minimize conflict with adjacent land uses, such as against busy roads like Main street and Kingsway, there should be a buffer of 50-75m. 

    As such, the Main & 7th Park site does not meet these standards or the requirements to accommodate a DOLA. 

    Read the People parks and Dog Strategy Document.