Updated Interim Design: Room to Move- Beach Avenue

We are making interim safety and design upgrades to Beach Avenue

Starting December 2020, we will begin work on new features along Beach Avenue to improve access for people walking, taking transit and driving while maintaining the two-way protected bike path and increased walking space.

These interim changes are based on public feedback from more than 2,500 residents gathered in a fall survey. A summary of the survey results can be found at here.

The upgrades include:

  • Improved pedestrian crossings at key locations
  • Eastbound travel restored for vehicles and transit between Denman St and Jervis St. following completion of other project elements
  • Replacing traffic cones with sturdier and harder-to-move concrete barriers
  • Working with the Park Board to provide accessible parking in the waterfront parking lot near Bute St
  • Retention of the two-way protected bike path


  • Due to wet weather, some of the work requiring dry weather (painting zebra crossings) will be phased.
  • Construction crews will work as quickly as possible to minimize local impacts, but changes like restoring eastbound motor vehicle and transit access (between Denman St and Jervis St) may be delayed as they rely on other project elements to be in place before they can be implemented.

Staff will continue to monitor and adjust the interim design. Additional opportunities to share feedback about the longer-term vision for these spaces and whether to make these changes permanent will be available through the West End Waterfront Master Plan engagement and design process that will start in 2021.

Please email roomtomove@vancouver.ca with any questions or comments.

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