What does the Noise Control By-law regulate?

    Overall, the Noise Control By-law (PDF, 2.8MB) regulates: 

    • Decibel limits by city zone 
    • Commercial premises sound levels
    • Restaurants and bars noise and sounds
    • Construction activity noise
    • Hours and decibel limits for operation of power equipment, including special provisions for chainsaws and leaf blowers
    • Waste and recycling collection hours
    • Noise exception permits 

    How can I report a noise complaint?

    Depending on the type of noise, you can report a noise complaint through the following options:

    Why were there no questions about traffic/vehicle noise included in the survey?

    Vehicle noise is regulated under the Motor Vehicle Noise and Emission Abatement By-law and therefore is not included in the review of the Noise Control By-law. We will, however, share your concerns with the appropriate staff at the City to help to inform their work.