How will the proposed changes to regulations affect my property?

    The proposed amendments will update definitions and height regulations for roof top features and make them easier to understand. The amendments will not affect the character of your neighbourhood. 

    Will the project outcomes affect form of development or increase density in my neighbourhood and in the City of Vancouver?

    The Regulation Redesign project is focusing on making land use regulations simpler and easier to find and understand. This project is not making substantive changes to zoning regulations or policy.

    What's within scope of Regulation Redesign?

    • Simplify and clarify land use regulations to make them easier to understand and implement
    • Modernize regulations and language and improve the format of land use documents to make them more user-friendly
    • Improve the consistency of land use regulations and policies
    • Improve communication about land use tools
    • Establish a robust and enduring land use framework