Why is the City making these upgrades to Greer Ave., Chestnut St., Cypress St. and Cornwall Ave.?

    • Sen̓áḵw is being designed as a car-lite minimal parking development with roughly 850 vehicle parking stalls for 6,000 residents, with an emphasis on transit and active transportation including a transit hub, new bus stops and thousands of secured bike parking spaces.
    • The transportation improvements are based on a transportation study undertaken by the Squamish Nation as part of developing the Services Agreement. They are aligned with the construction access and occupancy of the new development.
    • The upgrades - including new protected bike lanes, widened sidewalks and safer intersections - are designed to maximize the safety and comfort for everyone, including people walking and biking.
    • These modifications also connect people to the broader transportation network and mitigate vehicle shortcutting through the Kits Point neighbourhood.  

    What modes of transportation have these changes been designed for?

    • Sen̓áḵw is being designed with an emphasis on transit and active transportation and will be connected to the transit network and the City’s all-ages-and-abilities (AAA) cycling network. 
    • In support of the City’s policies including Transportation 2040 Plan and the Climate Emergency Action Plan, the upgrades on Greer, Chestnut, Cypress and Cornwall are intended to support increased walking, biking, and transit use while accommodating local access for motor vehicle traffic.

    What is the traffic management plan for the Sen̓áḵw construction in the Kits Point area?

    • Two entry points have been established to manage the construction vehicle flow in and out of the Sen̓áḵw development project: 
      • Gate 1 at Fir St. and West 1st Ave.
      • Gate 2 at Greer Ave. and Chestnut St.
    • Gate 1 will be the primary access for the project. 
    • Construction traffic is currently anticipated to impact the Kits Point community starting in 2024. Please go to the Sen̓áḵw webpage to get updates on construction schedules. 

    What is the plan for Park Lane (Vanier Park Lane) that was part of Vanier Park?

    • The new Park Lane will be a new road that is designed and constructed to City standards by Sen̓áḵw development Partnership (Nch'kay Development Corporation and Westbank Projects Corporation) before the completion of Sen̓áḵw Phase 1. A future cycling path connection to the Seawall is planned for Sen̓áḵw Phase 2.
    • The City will operate and maintain the new road.