Co-designing for Co-benefits Survey now open!

Thank you to everyone who attended our workshop on June 1! We had robust conversations that gave us some great ideas of what community members want to see on the St. George Rainway. We are now launching a survey that will let us hear from more people, confirm that we properly captured the suggestions from the workshop, and collect additional ideas.

Graphic illustration of outputs from the co-designing for co-benefits workshop

Key ideas from the Co-design for Co-benefits workshop are summarized in the above graphic recording. It highlights some of the big ideas that were shared in each group on the themes of Mobility, Nature, Community, and Learning.

Some key messages we heard were that safety and accessibility are very important, both in terms of how people get around, and in creating an inclusive and welcoming feel for the Rainway, where the whole community can get involved, from kids to seniors and everyone in between. Participants also wanted a wild and natural-feeling space, where they can learn and share their knowledge about the ecology and history of the area, and develop a deeper relationship with nature and the water cycle.

Icon of a car that reads "Reduce Vehicle Speeds"Icon of a raindrop that reads "Water is at the centre of everything"Icon that reads "Indigenous knowledge: Native plants that would have grown along the historic creek"

What do you think?

This survey takes what we heard at the workshop on June 1 and gives an opportunity for input from more of our neighbours. We want to hear your thoughts on what was discussed in the workshop and any other ideas you have to share.

Whether you attended the event or not, you are invited to fill out the survey. Share your thoughts with us on how we can best design the St. George Rainway to meet our drainage needs and enhance mobility, nature, community, and opportunities for learning in the neighbourhood. The survey will be open from June 14 to July 4:

Co-designing for co-benefits videos

If you want to learn more about the project, we have also have recordings available from the June 1 event that provide an overview of the project, including background, feasibility and opportunities for the Rainway.

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