Tell us what you think of the St. George Rainway Design Concepts!

We have now launched Phase 3 of public engagement on the St. George Rainway, and we want your input on our initial concept designs!

The St. George Rainway is an exciting natural infrastructure project that will honour a historic stream that was once adjacent to St. George Street. This green rainwater and street improvement project will collect and filter rainwater, while also making improvements to the street that support sustainable transportation.

Urban rainwater runoff will be directed into green rainwater infrastructure, called bioswales or rain gardens, which use a combination of engineered and natural systems such as soils, plants, and trees to clean and absorb the water. The Rainway will help to improve water quality and reduce local flooding, while also adding many co-benefits to the neighbourhood.

In this phase of engagement, we have developed four street layout options and three green rainwater infrastructure concepts and we want to hear your preferences. Watch the video below and explore the project overview boards to learn more.

Street layout options

The development of the Rainway will require some trade-offs. To create space for green rainwater infrastructure, road area currently used for parking and/or travel will need to be repurposed. Four street layout options have been created that explore these trade-offs. Each Street Layout option varies in how much space is allocated towards walking and rolling, biking, driving, parking, urban nature and community gathering.

Explore the Street Layout Options and Backgrounddocuments

Green rainwater infrastructure concepts

Three green rainwater infrastructure concepts have also been designed, each with a unique look and feel that reflects the vision and values you shared with us through the previous engagement phases. Each of these concepts can be paired with the street layout options to create the Rainway.

All three options manage urban rainwater runoff and increase urban nature through plantings of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Each option proposes distinct plazas and seating areas along the Rainway, as well as different types of materials that help control the flow of water, so it moves safely through the Rainway.

Explore the green rainwater infrastructure concepts

Have your say

Throughout November, you have the opportunity to rank your preferred Street Layout options and Green Rainwater Infrastructure concept designs. We will also be looking for your feedback on what public space improvements will encourage use of the Rainway. Here are the ways you can connect with us and share your feedback:

  • Complete our survey, open from November 4th until November 28th
  • Join our Virtual Open House on November 17th at 6:30 pm, 7:00 pm or 7:30 pm to ask questions and learn more about the designs option. Register here.

Opportunities for young voices to be heard

We want to hear from all users of the Rainway, including youth. A fun collage-based activity package for children ages 6-13 has been developed so that youth can have their say on the Rainway. Work together with your children or community group to complete and submit a St. George Rainway Collage. To learn more and download the youth engagement package visit this page.

Want to learn more?

Virtual open house boards


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