What we heard in phase 2: co-design for co-benefits

From late May to early July 2021, community members shared the co-benefits they would like to enjoy along the St. George Rainway. Together, we explored themes of designing for mobility, community, learning, and nature. Ideas generated during a virtual public workshop in June became the basis for a survey, in which we asked the public to rank the co-benefit ideas and share additional ideas with us.

Check out our engagement report to see the top design ideas!
In order of interest levels, the top type of art in the Rainway would be creative pollinator habitat with 40 people interested, then paving pattern with 32 interested, street mural with 24 interested, artistic benches and seating with 22 interested, sculptural art with 19 interested, interactive or play-based art with 18 interested, and finally sound-based art with 9 interested. Additional ideas include interpretive signage, bat boxes, participatory art, and art that recognizes and celebrates water. Sample page from the Engagement Report showing interest levels for various types of art in the Rainway.

Some emerging themes from Phase 2:

Icon of shrubs, trees, and grasses.

Nature should lead the design.

Icons of someone walking, a bicycle, a tree, and a raining cloud.

Street space priorities echo what was heard in the last survey with space for urban nature and space for walking and cycling coming out on top. See the report for the full rankings.

Icons of a car, a parking sign, and a bicycle.

Current and future parking needs are important considerations, and while overall they are the lowest ranked street space priorities, they rank slightly higher among local residents.

Icon of a safety vest and a hard hat.

The Rainway should be designed with safety in mind.

Icon of a person in a wheelchair, a child holding a balloon, and a person walking.

The design needs to be functional and accessible to all.

Icon of a plant growing from books.

The project must make space for Indigenous knowledge.

How is this input being used?

City staff have been working on concept designs for the street layout and green rainwater infrastructure. These concept designs incorporate the vision and ideas we heard from community during engagement in Phase 1: Values and Vision and Phase 2: Co-design for Co-Benefits, as well as feedback from our community-based Advisory Committee.

The concept designs balance the public feedback with Council priorities, technical feasibility, and financial viability. Want to learn more about project feasibility? Watch our series of videos about the project goals, what green rainwater infrastructure is, and the parameters that influence our design.

Phase 3 of engagement will be launching at the end of October. It will focus on getting feedback from the public on a series of initial design concepts and options.

What’s next?

  • Enjoy a self-guided sensorial walk: listen to the audio tour or download the pdf of activities to explore St. George Street using all your senses.
  • Stay tuned for Phase 3: Initial Concept Designs, which will launch at the end of October. Save the dates:
    • Have a sneak peak of the design options at the Mount Pleasant Farmer’s Market on Sunday, October 31, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
    • Give your feedback in a survey live from November 4 to 28.
    • Drop into our virtual open house on Wednesday November 17 between 6:30 – 8:30 pm for a chance to learn more about the project and ask staff questions.

More information on the next phase coming soon!

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