Where can I find the results of the survey that was conducted in 2020?

    The Stanley Park preliminary survey results, data analysis and next steps were presented at the Park Board Meeting on November 23, 2020. The presentation video clip, presentation and survey analysis data cleaning report can be viewed here

    The final report of the Data Analysis for the Stanley Park Survey Response to COVID-19 is available here. The report is a comprehensive analysis of the survey that was open August 25- September 13, 2020 regarding the temporary changes in Stanley Park in response to COVID-19.

    Why did you implement a temporary bike lane again this year?

    Board motion in March 2021 directed staff to put the temporary bike lane in place for the summer of 2021.

    How long will the temporary bike lane be in place?

    The temporary bike lane will remain in place until approximately October 31, 2021.

    Why are you conducting another survey for 2021?

    Staff will be reporting back to the board a summary of the data and outcomes from the 2021 temporary bike lane which will include the results from the survey.  We want to capture your feedback while the bike lane is still in place. The findings from this survey will also be used to inform the future Mobility Study in Stanley Park.