Who uses VanMap?

    About 10,000 people visit VanMap every month. Most often VanMap apps are used by realtors, architects, developers, planners, engineers and builders to find property information and the location of City utilities and infrastructure. It's open to everyone and occasionally used by researchers, students, residents and business owners. 

    How much longer will legacy VanMap be available?

    We are retiring Legacy VanMap as of October 31, 2021, so we encourage everyone to start using the new VanMap now. Try it out to check that all the tools and data you use have all been replaced.

    How should I ask questions or share feedback?

    If you would like to learn about the new VanMap apps, review the online how-tos.

    To provide feedback or request additional data, use the online contact form.

    Is there a cost to use VanMap?

    No, anyone can use VanMap and there is no cost or login required.