Which department is responsible for the cemetery?

    The Vancouver Charter states that the cemetery is part of City Council responsibilities. Unlike other green spaces in the City, it is not part of the of Vancouver Parks and Recreation board.   Organizationally the cemetery is part of the Social Operations group within the Arts, Culture and Community Services department

    When will these changes happen?

    The entire project of upgrades will incrementally take a decade to complete.  The various projects will be prioritized and scheduled based on funding, adjacent projects, and other resources.

    What are some of the first projects that will be completed?

    The first project will be the Prince Edward Street perimeter between 31st and 33rd Streets.  The military project in that area will be substantially complete in 2023 and the construction fence needs to be replaced with a permanent treatment along this edge.

    The next projects will include a range of smaller projects (like hedge replacement) and will also focus on high visibility entrances including the Fraser St. and 41st Ave. corner and main vehicle entries.

    Will neighbours be further involved as projects are planned and completed?

    This public engagement is the primary process to incorporate input from neighbours and other stakeholders. The resulting plan will form the foundational document for the implementation of the changes and improvements in the years that follow.