Initiative 2. New overnight parking permit zone

A new overnight permit zone is being proposed to cover residential parts of the city that don't already require parking permits.

It would enable the pollution charge to be fairly applied across the city, and help fund climate emergency actions.

Residents would need to purchase a permit to park overnight on all residential streets and lanes that are unregulated or signed as ‘No parking except residents of this block’.

  • The permit would only be required for residents who park on the street overnight (midnight – 7 am)
  • The base permit fee would be about $45 per year, equal the lowest cost in existing permit zones
  • Residents in low income households would be eligible for a discounted base rate of about $5 per year.

Visitors and service providers would still be able to park anywhere on the street, just like today.

  • Free visitor parking would still be possible between 7 am – midnight
  • An overnight visitor parking fee of $3 is being considered between midnight – 7am
  • Visitors could pay online or in person at neighbourhood pay stations
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Consultation has concluded

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