What is an area plan?

    Area plans are policy documents that shape growth and change and cover a number of topics like housing, transportation, and community facilities. For example, area plans define policies and regulations allowing changes to the size and type of buildings, the design of streets, or the recommendation to add more services like childcare or new community services. These plans usually apply to neighbourhoods over a period of approximately 30 years.

    The Rupert Renfrew area plan builds on the Vancouver Plan, a long-term strategy and vision to guide growth and change across the entire city, which was adopted by Council in June 2022. It also provides a framework for more detailed area plans (like this one) that will address specific opportunities and challenges 


    What areas will be included in the plan?

    The study area for the Rupert and Renfrew Station Area Plan includes parts of the Renfrew-Collingwood and Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhoods. The study area is generally within walking distance from the Rupert and Renfrew SkyTrain stations, and is bordered by Gravely Avenue to the North, Boundary Road to the East, East 23rd Avenue to the South, and John Hendry Park (Trout Lake Park) to the West. A map of the study area is available

    The types of changes that could occur within the study area will be explored through the planning process. 

    How do I stay up to date with the project?

    To stay up to date on current opportunities, sign up for our mailing list at rupertrenfrewplan@vancouver.ca.

    How will the Vancouver Plan and other plans and policies affect the Rupert and Renfrew Station Area Plan?

    The Vancouver Plan is a long-term strategy and vision to guide growth and change across the city and identify ways to create a more liveable, affordable and sustainable city.  The Plan was approved by Council on July 22, 2023. 

    The Rupert and Renfrew Station Area Plan will align with the Vancouver Plan, building on the general advice for rapid transit areas and providing more detailed actions to address opportunities and challenges in this area. 

    Why can’t we put new housing on the employment lands between Lougheed Highway and Grandview Highway?

    The City has limited land dedicated for employment uses, especially for industrial uses. We need to keep what little we have to ensure there is a place for key services like warehouses and car repair and provide jobs within the city. Industrial and other employment uses are not good to mix with housing due to conflicts that arise over noise, industrial activities, shipping and receiving, potential odors and other compatibility issues.

    In addition, much of the industrial and employment lands are located in areas at risk of flooding from Still Creek and located very close to train tracks that are associated with vibration, noise and safety concerns.