What is a skate amenity?

    A skateboard amenity is a purpose-built recreational environment made for skateboarding, BMX, scooter, roller skates and other small wheeled sports to utilize. They come in a variety of sizes, configurations and styles.

    Who uses a skate amenity?

    Skate Amenities are primarily used by small-wheeled sports, such as, skateboarders, scooters, inline and rollerskaters, and freestyle BMX riders.

    Where are the existing skate amenities in the city?

    See this website for Vancouver Park Board's current skateboard facilities.


    What is a Skate Amenity Strategy?

    A skate amenity strategy is a long range plan for improving and enhancing skateboarding (and other small wheeled sport) facilities for the future. The process to create the plan will analyze the current and future needs and engage the public so that their input can be considered and included.

    Why is Vancouver Park Board developing a strategy?

    Cities make plans for many types of recreational facilities, such as tennis courts or playgrounds. Skateboard Amenities are recreational facilities that also require strategic planning to properly locate and provide enough spaces to support the needs of the greater community. VanPlay, Vancouver’s Parks and Recreation Services Master Plan identified the need for increased capacity and equitable access for skateboarders.

    How can I get involved?

    You can get involved by:

    • filling out the survey
    • add your email address to get updates
    • check back to the Shape Your City website page for updates
    • attend events and pop-ups (temporary skate features around the city)
    • Check back to the Shape Your City website for updates
    • follow #Vancouvercityskate on social media

    Who is involved with the Skateboard Amenities Strategy?

    This project is being led by the Vancouver Park Board with the collaboration of the City's engineering department, staff from other City departments, design and communications consultants, and a wide variety of stakeholders.

    What is the Potential Skate Sites map?

    As we develop the CitySkate Strategy, the Vancouver Park Board is exploring potential future skate spaces in parks. Our Potential Skate Sites map allows you to view potential future skateboard park locations in relation to existing skate spaces. The map organizes the city into four districts: Stanley District, North District, South District and West District. Within each district, several parks have been identified as having potential to support a new skatepark. These locations are being explored at a very preliminary level and would be examined in much greater detail with extensive public engagement if selected. 

    To give your feedback on the potential sites, please take our Phase 2 CitySkate Survey.